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Saul discovered his passion for photography during a history of photography course in college. A self-taught photographer, he continues to fine tune his skills and never stops learning as his artistry evolves. As a Los Angeles native, he began with street photography and eventually migrated into portrait and landscape photography. His love of landscapes grew as he traveled up and down his beloved California coast and visited many states. Saul beautifully captures the varied landscapes of the places he visits. His unique, dark toned style makes his work easily discernible. Now, living in Oregon, he feels most at peace photographing the state's lush scenery.

Through social media, Saul strives to share his visions of outdoor, travel and adventure with thousands of people. Saul has earned the opportunity to work with many brands to add his unique touch and vision to their products.

Please contact Saul at 5avl@mail.com for any inquiries.